Free Laundry Pickup & Delivery Service

Taking a trip to your cleaners every time you need something cleaned can be a hassle and takes time out of your busy schedule. Why not save yourself the time and gas and have your clothes picked up and delivered right to your home or office? Our laundry pickup and delivery service is fast, convenient, and, best of all, completely FREE! We pick up and deliver four days a week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. There is no delivery service on Memorial Day, Labor Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day. Note: We do not offer one time only pickup/delivery service.

How it works is that you will be given laundry bags in which to place the items you wish to be cleaned. The bag must be placed on a porch other dry place outside, someplace that is convenient for the delivery person to reach. The delivery person will pick up the bag, then delivery the cleaned items and empty bag(s) back to you on the next scheduled delivery day. Please read the Delivery Service Restrictions below for more information on service requirements and limitations.

Below are the Four Delivery Choices:

Delivery Service Restrictions

Due to time constraints and gas consumption, we cannot wait for residential customers to answer a knock on their door. Therefore, customers must have a location outside their home or in an unlocked building where clothing can be picked up and delivered. It must be a location where the items will not get wet or have a high risk of being stolen. For this reason, we cannot offer service to most apartment buildings. Most of our residential customers leave the items to be cleaned on their porch or a similar location. We cannot be held responsible for items stolen before we pick them up or after we deliver them.

We are unable to schedule specific times for a pickup or delivery, though the route manager may be able to give you a general time that the delivery van is in your area. If you wish to have service at your business and it is closed at certain times of the day, such as at lunchtime, you must let us know since it is possible that delivery to your area is done at that time of day. If a business is closed when we get there, we usually cannot return later in the day.

Delivery Area

Our delivery service covers a large area of Salem, as well as some parts of Keizer. The regular routes go as far north as The Meadows housing development off River Rd. N in Keizer and as far south as Rees Hill Rd. Going east, the routes extend to Hawthorne Ave. We go as far west as the Illahe Hills Country Club. There are some Call Only customers in areas beyond the boundaries of the regular routes. We do not offer delivery service to West Salem or to locations near Lancaster Dr. or east of that street. Please refer to the maps below for more detailed information on our delivery area.

Maps are Listed North to South

To find out more about our delivery service or to arrange to be added to the route, please call us at 503-371-1449.


Unbeknowst to us, our delivery service inquiry form ceased functioning sometime after December 5, 2014. We did not become aware of it until May 2015. The form has been taken down for the time being. Please contact us by phone about any delivery inquiries.